Saturday, November 28, 2015

Presenting my new guide to creative journaling entitled Charting the Course of the Muse: Systematic Journaling for Flying Minds, Writers, Artists, and Innovators! This concise pamphlet describes a method of systematic journal-writing designed to enhance your creativity. How do you organize your learning, personal exploration, research, writing, art, and analytical thinking while cultivating maximum flexibility, freedom, and enjoyment within the creative process? The intent of this guide is to answer this question and to make your life easier, your writing easier, your art easier, and to liberate your imagination!

My primary writing goal in this guide is to talk about freedom as it relates to creativity and the creative process. Central to the discussion is how and where to find energy. How does journaling fit into the imaginative arts? How can an honest practice of journaling play a holistic role in one's life as a writer, artist, and creator - improving every aspect of one's existence?

A .pdf version of Charting the Course of the Muse through PayHip, a simple publishing and distribution platform that is part of Paypal.  To purchase a digital copy CLICK HERE!